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Everyone has seen those business branded pens at some point, but you may have wondered just how effective they are. When used correctly, you can get a lot of promotion out of these branded pens. A survey in 1993 showed that promo items could boost sales by up to 26%, so it is certainly a good idea to have a promo item. Resales also go up around 35%.

Make Them Worth It

Everyone needs pens, so right there, you have something that people will want to grab. That being said, you should make them pleasant to have around. A gaudy neon pen may turn people off using it and one that is pink with hearts will tend to get tossed by men.

Choose a logo or theme that appeals to your audience and make sure it is something they will use in public. When you offer a pen to someone, it is not just for them, it is also advertising whenever they pull it out. This is particularly true if the motif is eye catching.

The promo items that you hand out should also work. A cheap pen that leaks or stops working gets tossed in the garbage pretty fast. While good quality ones cost more money, they are worth it since you will get that much more out of your advertising.

Have a Plan in Place

With branded pens, you can usually give them away whenever, but it still helps to have a plan. Are you going to hand them out to every customer? Just the ones that have bought a couple of times?

You might send a pen as a thank you with a purchase, or have them on your desk to give to anyone who needs one. They are also excellent for trade shows where you will need to have a lot of promo items on hand to give out to passersby.

If you are offering particularly nice pens, you might want to ask for something in return, such as an email address. This is a simple thing to give and for a nice quality writing instrument, many people will happily give it to you.

The Benefits of Pens

There is a good reason to choose pens as your promotional item. They are used by everyone and no matter what your business; you should be able to make use of a pen. With the right logo, it will fit right into your marketing plans.

For companies thinking about using business branded pens, remember that quality counts over quantity. Spending your budget on fewer high quality items will tend to net better returns than buying a lot more of the cheaper brand. Combine this with great design and you have a winning product.