Artwork  / Print Colours FAQ’s :


Q1 - How Many Colours Are In My Logo?

If your logo consists of lets say black and blue this would be a “two colour print”. If it was three shades of purple this would be a “three colour print”.  


Q2 - What is a full Colour/Digital Print?

This is a method of branding, which is the same method as a printing machine that prints onto paper. The print height is limited as it can not wrap around the pen, however this can print unlimited colours and produce tints/gradients.  If your logo is greater in length than height, and consists of more than three colour or tints/gradients then this method would be ideal for you.


Q3 - Can you match a Specific Print Colour?

We can match any specific colour if we have been advised of a Pantone reference. If we’re required to match a “Pantone Uncoated” we are able to match the shade, however the print finish will be in gloss due to the gloss finish of the pen barrels.

If you require RGB colours then we would advise that the product is printed via the full colour/ digital print method, as this method matches RGB and CMYK colours.


Q4 - How Long Does the Printing Last on the Pen?

If printed onto a plastic pen we usually advise that printing can last upto 10 years or even more, it depends how the product is used.

If printed onto a metal pen the print can last over 5 years, again it depends how the pen is used.


Q5 - How Many Letters can I Fit onto the Pen?

The amount of letters depends on the print size, the average print size allows three lines. We are not able to specify the exact amount number of letters as  this depends on print size and font. We advise that you email us with your requirements and we will confirm if the print will be legible.

Q6 - What is a Origination Charge?

An origination charge cover the cost to set up each colour/print position, which usually takes around 45 minutes per colour/position which is carried out in the work shop.




Q7 - How Long Will Delivery Take?

If you are referring to the time it will take to produce the produce this depends on the product and quantity. If in stock this can take around 5-7 working days.

Standard delivery to a UK address is next working day, which can be delivered anytime from 07:30am – 06:00pm.