There is a reason that certain forms of advertising are popular. While it might be fun to go for something that is new or cutting-edge, it is often smarter to go with the formulas that have been successful in the past. If you want to make sure that you can put a bit of marketing money to great use, you might want to try giving out promo pens. Not only will they allow you to advertise on a budget, but they keep working long after your money has been spent.

Free Advertising

If you have promotional pens, they will have a startling tendency to "walk away". While you may have to pay for these writing utensils to go out to your customers, you can never tell where they might end up after that. Over time, you might find that your little promotional tools have ended up all over town. This is essentially free advertising, and it is a great way to get the name of your business out into the community at large. While it might depend on random chance, it is no different than using any other form of nontargeted advertisement.

Memories in the Making

Even those who do not own a business can benefit from using promotional pens. Consider the sheer number of business cards that you may have handed out in the past. Realistically, most of these have gone directly in the garbage. There might have been a few that went into wallets, but these are largely lost among the other cards that have been handed out. If you give out a pen with your name on it, though, the person to whom you handed it is more likely to keep it around. Best of all, they will see your name every time they use that pen.

Functional Freebies

Another great part about using promotional pens is the fact that they make for great "freebies". Cheap promotional pens cost your business very little, but they can easily be given away to your customers. This helps you to develop a bond with those individuals, and some might even begin to consider this part of your business' "exceptional service". If they do, you may have been able to grab a customer for life simply by giving out a pen that only costs a few cents. Considering the other benefits, this should make buying promo pens a no-brainer.Whether you run a business or want a job, these pens can be a great choice. They can get your name out in the community, help you to connect with customers and even help you to make a great first impression. No matter what your choice, though, pens will always be available for your advertising needs.