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Printed Pens

With how competitive the marketplace currently is, it is essential for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competition and be unique. In most industries, finding a way to stand out from the competition can be difficult.

As a business, when you are thinking of an item to giveaway as a promotional gift, there are two aspects that should receive the most consideration.

Firstly, it’s important to think of how practical your gift is going to be for your potential customers. Convenience is an important factor to consider when choosing the ideal promotional gift.

Secondly, it’s important to think about value for money as well, but as you have already committed to making an investment, it’s better to think more from the perspective of creating the best promotional impact.

Given the level of competition in the existing market, it is crucial for businesses to distinguish themselves from others and be unique. This is why printed promotional pens are a brilliant way for businesses to get their name out there.

Printed promotional pens are an excellent way for businesses to market themselves at a relatively cheap cost. There are quite a few reasons why printed pens are beneficial when used by businesses for marketing purposes.

Yes, you can give away mugs or have a company mascot roam the streets, but printed pens are the ideal promotional tool for a business and we will explain why below.

They’re flexible!

When pens are used as promotional tools, they’re comparatively more flexible than other items. A printed pen is a great choice as it can be used by any age group and this is what broadens its reach as a promotional giveaway.

Businesses should not have to choose to alienate one group of prospects while serving another. Printed pens as promotional items can be used to serve prospects of any age group.

They’re cheap

The term cheap shouldn’t be associated with compromised or poor quality. From a business perspective, when a pen serves as a promotional tool, it is quality intensive and at the same time economical.

What’s more, when ordered in bulk these can be purchased at an even more affordable price. As is the case with other promotional items, a printed pen will not deplete a company’s advertising budget quickly and is an inexpensive option for business advertising.

They have good reuse value!

It is a given that a pen is a long-lasting item. Once a business successfully gets a sufficient number of printed pens out to prospects, it is guaranteed that these will be put to use repeatedly.

The information present on the pen will be viewed multiple times and every time a pen bearing a company’s name and logo is used, it imprints your brand on to the mind of the user, which will breed brand recognition, not to mention increase visibility!

They help create goodwill

When running a profitable business, having goodwill and credibility will work wonders for your brand name. Your company logo and contact information found on printed pens builds goodwill for both the vendor and the customers.

Prospective customers and existing clientele regard the printed pen as an object of value, which is in turn valuable for the company that supplied the pen in the first place.

They can be distributed easily

Perhaps one of the most amazing perks for businesses to use a promotional pen is the fact that they are very easy to distribute. You wish to distribute to a large target audience? No problem!

For many businesses, getting advertising materials out into the public is a huge task as other promotional gifts might not be as lightweight and practical as a printed pen.

Given the size of a pen and its ease and functionality, it can reach prospects easily. From an advertising front, there is nothing more powerful and effective than a printed promotional pen.

Why Are Printed Pens A Popular Choice?

We already know that pens are a promotional tool that is cost-efficient, highly functional and able to reach the masses… However, there are two important aspects behind their immense popularity. Let’s take a look at what these are.

Printed pens create a lasting impact

Printed pens are the mainstay of integrated marketing and have been so for quite some time now. Marketing managers shouldn’t turn a blind eye on the huge role that simple, but effective promotional tools play in their overall marketing and advertising strategy.

It is a proven fact that promotional pens and other branded tools still count for a lot in terms of audience engagement, company branding and creating a lasting impression. Printed pens will evoke a strong response from recipients and increase their chances of following up with your business.

Why Supreme Pens for Printed Pens?

So, before you jump head first into buying your first batch of printed pens, check out a few reasons why Supreme Pens can be the provider you’ve been looking for...

You have our undivided attention

One aspect of our business that gives us immense pride is the fact that we provide all our customers with personalised customer service. If you choose Supreme Pens for your printed pens then you can rest easy as we will be with you every step of the way.

We take the time to understand what you need, which in turn helps us tailor our products as per your individual need.

Supreme Pens is your one stop shop for branded pens

You need to look no further for your promotional printed pens than Supreme Pens because we have them all. Specifications like colour, size or affordability are all within your reach with us.

Just speak to our friendly team to work out what product type is best for your individual requirements.

A smooth and  time-saving process

The team at Supreme Pens ensures that the process of placing an order with us is smooth and hassle-free from the word go. From providing quotes, placing an order, delivery, artwork and general queries, nothing is ever too much for us and we guarantee to make the entire process as straightforward as it can be.

You can rely on us to ensure that you receive your products on time and at a price that you are happy with.  

Our service is flexible, which means that we can also modify your current artwork, be it adding extra company details or completely redesigning your logo to a print ready format.

So, get in touch with us today to help us help you leave a mark!