With how competitive the marketplace currently is, it is essential for businesses to differentiate and be unique. In most industries, finding a way to differentiate from the competition can be quite hard. Printed promotional pens are an excellent way for businesses to be unique. There are quite a few reasons why printed pens are beneficial when used by businesses.


When a pen is used as a promotional item, it becomes incredibly flexible. In comparison to all of the other common, everyday objects out there, the pen is a great choice because it appeals to all age groups. This is what dramatically broadens the reach of this promotional item. Businesses should not have to choose to alienate one group of prospects while serving another. Printed pens as promotional items can be used to serve prospects of any age group.


The term cheap should not be associated with poor quality. A pen as a promotional item is high quality and very inexpensive to create. When ordered in bulk, cheap printed pens can be purchased for a very affordable price. Unlike other promotional items, a pen will not decimate a company's advertising budget quickly. A Pen is a perfectly economical option for business advertising.

Reuse Value

Most people understand that a pen is an object that lasts for a long period of time. Once a business gets enough promotional pens out to potential prospects, the pens will be used repeatedly. The business brand and information on a pen will be viewed many times because a pen lasts for such a long time. Brand awareness is enhanced each and every time a prospect picks up a promotional pen to use.

Creates Goodwill

When it comes to running a profitable business, goodwill is extremely important. Company details found on a promotional pen creates goodwill for both vendors and customers. Potential prospects and current customers view a pen as a valuable object, which is value that is transferred along to the company that supplied the pen.

Easy Distribution

One of the most beneficial reasons for businesses to use a printed promotional pen is because of how easy distribution is. A promotional pen is an object that is distributed to large audiences very easily. For many companies, disbursing advertising material is a huge problem. Due to the size and portability of a promotional pen, it can be sent out to prospects very easily.

An entire box of pens will only weigh a very small amount, which means there is no need to distribute heavy objects. Businesses can increase the effectiveness of their promotion because of the lightweight and portability of pens. Advertising costs can be cut dramatically for businesses that have been using much heavier, more expensive promotional items. When it comes to the perfect advertising tool, there is almost nothing more powerful than printed and promotional pens.