The moment you hear someone say social media, only one thing pops up in your mind - photos, hashtags and hilarious memes.  

Instagram is popularly known as a photo sharing application, and it’s pretty obvious that brand building strategies surrounding it would most likely involve posting an amazing picture… but that is just not it!

From marketing to providing professional guidance and encouragement or conducting contests and developing your relationship with the followers, Instagram can be utilised for a lot of things apart from simply sharing pictures.

If you aren’t making use of Instagram for more than what it is capable of, then you’ve certainly landed in the right place. In today’s blog, the team at Supreme Pens have put together a list of social media business tactics that’ll enhance the visibility of your brand, improve your ROI and expand your existing customer base.

So, rather than simply concentrating on visuals, we’ll be delving deeper into social media and showing you some amazing ways to go beyond the norm.

Let customers know your location

When it comes to using social media to increase your brand’s visibility, how could we even miss out on its feature of helping your customers locate you. Perhaps you’re surrounded by several other businesses or it’s just difficult to find your location - no matter what, simply mention the exact address in your profile bios and tell people what they’re supposed to look for when trying to locate you.

Now, we did tell you to go beyond visuals, but that doesn’t mean you cannot upload images. In order to make finding you a bit more easier for customers, post a picture of your front door assuring them that they’ve come to the right place.

Conduct campaigns and contests

Did you know it’s possible for you to make money through online platforms by giving out freebies, like promotional mugs, branded pens and keyrings, to name a few?

Yes, it is true and needless to say, social media is by far the best medium to make use of this simple but clever marketing tactic. There are several social media marketing ideas that you can put to use in the form of campaigns and contests.

Instagram campaigns are one of the best ways to increase your number of followers, develop trust, spread awareness about your brand and work alongside influencers in your field.

Gaining more followers is pretty simple with the help of contests. Just ask them to follow your brand if they wish to participate and later you can ask them to tag their fellow friends. This will ultimately bring you good results, provided you execute your plans properly!

Share shoppable posts to sell products

Ever come across a product post along with a price tag? Well, that’s yet again a better way of branding your products on social media! Not only will you be showing your customers a photo, but you will also be promoting your brand by providing them a direct link to your website - talk about taking your sales up by a notch!

Another amazing thing about these posts is that you can promote them in the similar fashion as you do with your regular posts, leading customers directly to your store to purchase your product.

Post videos

Many of us are visual being and videos let you reap some really incredible benefits when you’re showing your customers how a particular product is made or works.

Studies have also revealed that nearly 87% of online brands make use of video content in their branding tactics. If you wish to stay ahead of your competition, then it’s high time that you start posting video content.

Photos do, no doubt, appeal to a lot of customers, but at times videos can be that much more captivating!

Social media is in many ways a complete package which lets you market yourself, develop relationships and trust with your customers, and allows you to demonstrate that you’re the best in your market. So, what are you waiting for? Get going and let your creative juices flow!

If you are keen to provide some freebies to your newly found fan-base, get in touch with our team - we’ll certainly be happy to help!