The advent of the digital age has networking at its core, which is why for a business to leave a mark, it’s important that they make connections that give their commercial activities a much-needed boost.

This stands even truer for small businesses, but most individuals don’t dedicate enough time towards coming up with a robust networking plan. As business owners, what we need to understand is this – the reason that networking works is solely dependent on the connections we establish, which leads us to form a relationship with the said network. If this relationship is nurtured properly, you can wield it to expand your business horizons.

When we take this into consideration, we glean that it will surely work out in our favour if we are strategic in our networking endeavours. And to exploit the networking aspect completely, it is best to understand the types of networking events that will work in your favour.

Because Supreme Pens is all about gaining brand recognition, we bring to you these six networking events that will help expand the scope of your business.

  1. Casual Contact Networking

When you chat to individuals in a casual setting to establish connections and build your network, that is exactly what casual contact networking is. This could be anything from a happy hour meet-up, to a local chamber after hour event.

The whole point of this setting is to make connections with individuals in an environment that’s more relaxed - an environment that’s not buzzing with professional energy and is very non-business like and laid back. Simple techniques like these to gain new business will work wonders for your brand.

  1. Strong Contact Networking

This type of networking event is put together with the sole intent of passing business referrals around to other members of the group. A very good example of this is Business Network International which is an American franchised networking organisation that has connections worldwide.  

The goal with this type of event is to strike reliable business relationships with the individuals present in the group. This will instil trust in both the parties right off the bat and your chances of being repeatedly referred will increase.

  1. Community Service

Being an active and involved member in your local community can go a long way in helping you and your business to be more noticeable. This form of networking will give you and your company a chance to give it back and in exchange it will open doors for new business opportunities.

At times, giving it back to the community may not result in instant and direct business, but the exposure that your business gets will surely lead to indirect business in some way or another. Plus it improves your brand image, not to mention it’s a great marketing tool for a small business.

  1. Professional Links and Connections

When you have professional tie-ups, you can use them to create tactical alliances with other entities in your niche. There are several people who are proficient in particular aspects of a profession and if they have a client who needs a particular type of service which they incidentally don’t offer, they can refer you to them.

Someone from your professional link can surely make for a suitable fit so that referrals can happen back and forth. Additionally, going to associations from your professional circle who cater to the same niche as you is another brilliant way to build your network and to reach out to prospects.

  1. Business and Social Groups

Social events are the stairway that will lead you to successful business transactions. Therefore, attending such events is always recommended so as to foster business relationships and connections. You can also add a promotional product to your strategy of networking as it is more than just a gimmick for your business.

  1. Women/Men Organisations

Being a member of organisations or clubs that are specifically designed for women or men are also a potential pool of business that you can tap into. You can befriend individuals who can turn out to be a great source of referrals, especially if your product caters more heavily to one gender.

Your business is all about the connections you make, both with customers and other businesses, so make it count. Get in touch with us today to see how we can pitch in!