Promotional merchandise is a big market worldwide. For businesses who visit trade shows or those who want to run guerrilla marketing schemes, it is an absolute must.

If you haven’t ordered promotional merchandise such as printed pens in the past, it can seem a touch overwhelming.

Once you’ve decided that printed pens will be the best option for your company (or one of the options you’re going to use), then you will need to begin researching types. And there are a lot. From low budget stick pens to more expensive executive pens, there is something to suit every budget and every purpose.

But even if your budget is fairly unlimited, executive pens might not be the best choice for you.

Consider Purpose

Where will you be giving out these pens? Are they going to be posted or will you hand them out?

The quality of the pens you buy will reflect on your business. Just like a low quality business card on flimsy paper will make your company look unprofessional, a poorly constructed and badly printed pen will make it look like a cheap advertising gimmick.

If your pens are to be posted you’ll need something relatively robust which will be unlikely to break in transit, and additionally you’ll need it to be both compact and light to lower costs. Something like a stick pen is probably the most appropriate for this purpose, and you’ll find these are the sorts of pens you receive from charity mail outs and with questionnaires.


Once you’ve decided where and when your pens will be given out, make sure you’re aware of your budget. One of the options on the Supreme Pens website allows you to sort the products by cost. In doing so you are able to see what sorts of pen will cost what amount. The starting prices listed on the website will be the highest order bracket size, with small orders of 250-500 pens costing the most per unit.

Picking Your Pen

There a huge number of different printed pens available (although bear in mind not all of them can be printed with more than one colour, and if they can it will increase the price). Read on for a guide to the different categories on our site.

Stick (prices start at 7p)

Stick pens are very basic and simple in design but in their simplicity is their elegance. Comfortable to hold, these are the pens that are there for you when you just need to jot something down. The low cost means you can have plenty – perfect for those on a tight budget. They’re also pretty durable.

They come with a removable cap to avoid accidental scribbles.

Twist action (prices start at 8p)

Twist the top of these pens to tuck the nib away. No lids to lose and plenty of written elegance available. If you’re after a branded option, take a look at the Espace range, which are our most popular option in this category.

Retractable (prices start at 9p)

Retractable pens come with a coloured clip (you can pick the colour in some instances), and a clickable top.

Rubber Grip(prices start at 9p)

You’ll also find some of these in different categories dependent on mechanism, but to make sure you get the most comfortable pen to write with for extended periods of time, chose a rubber grip. We can even send out free samples of the grips so you can check that the material is what you’re after. If you’re not sure which will suit you best, contact us and we’ll be able to advise you further.

Eco-pens (prices start at 11p)

Our eco-pens are made with 80% environmentally friendly materials. Have a look at the individual product pages for details. These pens are perfect for companies who are concerned about their environmental impact.

We sell pens in a range of materials and finishes, from metal, to frosted plastic, to recycled paper. Browse through the Supreme Pens website so see what’s available, and if you’re still unsure what would be best suited to you, please contact our dedicated team.